Painting's Progress

Here is a few images of a recent painting in progress that are pretty self explanatory. The drawing shows the thinking. One curve in the water answers another, and there is an overall circular composition. One change I made to the photo composition was to move the forward-most sail back, so that the shoulder of the crew in front connected to the far shore. This serves to simplify the composition and connect foreground to background, flattening the space.

What do I know?

Not much, and quite a lot. Painting is like life—the more you learn the less you know—because conflicting ideas and a broad mind make one less certain. Still, there are ideas about painting worth sharing. In this monthly blog I will attempt to put into words what I am working on both in my studio and in the class I teach- the thought process and the craft processes involved. There is so many moving parts in being a professional artist, and no easy way to learn it all at once, but with passion, perseverance and an optimistic outlook, you can do it.