New American Tonalism

Long lines of landscape space, curious shapes, the interconnectedness of light, air and every thing...the mute profundity of nature. A painting exists in many dimensions. It is an object crafted of wood, cloth and paint and it represents three dimensions on two.  It holds the fourth dimension of time in it's marks and it expresses metaphysical ideas of memory, spirit, experience and emotion. A painting is thought made visible. The best ones stay with you like a hummable melody. I aim or that.

Bruegel, Klimt, Porter, Khan, Thomson, Hockney and Shils are painters whose work inspires me. Their work possesses strength in fine drawing, dynamic composition and pattern, and together with love of place expresses a deep appreciation of nature.

A note about paintings on this website:
Paintings in the 'available' section are at galleries  as labeled, or in my possession.
All archived work is sold.